Aptis Speaking Practice 4


Aptis Speaking Practice 4


Overview Aptis Speaking Test


Ahora podéis podéis probar a hacer el Aptis Speaking Practice 4.

Important!!! Las respuestas de este Aptis Speaking Practice 4 son posibles respuestas para daros posibles ideas.

Debéis prestar atención a las expresiones que se usan y la estructura que se sigue en la respuesta (además del uso de conectores textuales).

Vuestras respuestas pueden ser totalmente diferentes, mientras contestéis lo que se os pregunta.

También, como expliqué en las otras partes prácticas del Aptis Speaking, debéis tener en cuenta que cuando hablamos hacemos bastantes pausas, dudamos, repetimos el principio o partes de las oraciones que estamos diciendo, volvemos al principio si la frase que hemos empezado no es correcta o hay otra manera mejor de decir algo.

Todo esto es parte siempre del Speaking, cuando cualquier persona hace un monólogo o habla con otra persona, por lo que no hay que preocuparse mucho si os sucede, es normal que esto pase. Lo importante es que contestemos a las preguntas y demos la información correctamente.

Además, en algunas preguntas se ofrecen 2 posibles respuestas, para que veáis claramente que se pueden responder cosas muy distintas. En algunas respuestas se usan estructuras y vocabulario un poco más avanzado (B2), para que haya de distintos niveles (para aquell@s que tengan un nivel más avanzado).

Aptis Speaking Part 1: Contestar 3 preguntas sencillas sobre información personal.


Please tell me about your town/village

“I live in Seville and I feel really comfortable living here. It’s a big city with a lot of cars, polluted and noisy, but it has many beautiful places to go and spend your time. If you move to the city centre it is crowded with people and the traffic in the suburbs is awful. On the other hand, there are many parks and historical sites where you can relax and take a break.”

What did you do yesterday?

“Yesterday I didn’t do anything special. I got up early, about eight o’clock and I had breakfast. Then, I went to work to the clothes shop, from nine to half past one. It was boring, since there were few customers. After that I came back my home, I had a shower and had luch at half past two. I started studying at about four o’clock to half past eight. Finally, I had dinner and watched a comedy on TV. I went to bed at twelve o’clock.”

Do you like dancing? Why?

Answer 1: “To be honest, I hate dancing. Since I was a child I have always tried to avoid dancing, from school theatres to celebratios such as weddings when I grow up. I feel awkward and embarrassed when I am forced to dance by one of my friends or relatives.”

Answer 2: “I love dancing, whenever I listen to music I can’t help moving my body up. I consider myself a good dancer and I specially like disco music and electronic I sometimes go with my friends to a disco, where I dance for hours. I feel free when I dance and I really enjoy the music.”

Aptis Speaking Part 2: Describir una foto y contestar 2 preguntas relacionadas con su tema.


Describe the picture

“This picture shows a groop of five people having a meal. They are all sitting around a table. They seem to be chatting and they look friendly, too.

In the middle of the table there are some dishes, some glasses and a bowl full of fruits. They are having some vegetarian meal, since I can only see green colours in their dishes.

They are all wearing light formal shirts, Perhaps they are workmates and they are having lunch together after a long day of work.”

Do you follow a healthy diet?

“Well, I think I follow both a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. I usually have lots of vegetables and fruit everyday, some meat adn fish. I rarely eat junk food like pizza or hamburguers. Also, I make my own meals and I never eat processed food.”

What kind of food is good for a healthy diet?

“A good diet is based on a balanced diet, in which you can eat different food. I mean, you must eat vegetables and fruit, at least 6 or 7 pieces a day, but you can also have some meat, once or twice a week. Fish, especially white fish is very good for proteins in a healthy diet.”

Aptis Speaking Part 3: Comparar 2 imágenes y responder a 2 preguntas relacionadas con el tema de ambas fotos.


Tell me what you see in the two pictures.

“Both pictures depict two different kinds of housing in different locations.

The picture above shows a small wooden cottage in the middle of a forest, since it is surrounded by high tress. There is a small hall with chairs and I can also see a solar panel behind the house.

On the other hand, in the picture below I can see some blocks of flats in the corner of an a street or an avenue in a city. There is a road at the bottom of the picture and there is an only car on the right left bottom. I can also see some wires hanging on next to the blocks, So they may be used for trams.

I believe that the location in the first picture in the forest is much quieter than living in a flat in a big city. In the second picture, the location seems to be more crowded and noisier.”

What kind of people live in these two places?

“Well, it is hard to say. There are some people who were born and were raised in a large urban area and they have no other option than living there They must get used to the terrible traffic, noise and pollution. Some people prefer city life because it offers much more possiblities to find a job, entertaining and social relations.

On the other hand, people who choose to live in rural areas prefer solitude and quietness, away form overpopulated cities. They love enjoying nature and they can afford to live without many of the commodities of urban life.”

Which of these two places is better to live in?

“In my view, living in the countryside is a better place to live in since you can get away from the hassles of daily living, you can take a walk and just immerse yourself in your surroundings. The air is fresher, it’s great to re-energise.

You can also enjoy the environment and it can help you to prevent many illnesses which are caused by stressful and polluted cities. I believe people will live longer in the countryside than in a urban area.”

Aptis Speaking Part 4: Discurso de 2 minutos. Contestar 3 preguntas sobre un tema relacionado con la imagen.


Tell me about your favourite piece of clothing

“My favourite piece of clothing is my black dress. When I saw it and tried it on I loved it. It’s my favourite piece of clothing because I can wear it with many things and also because it’s my favourite colour. I bought the dress from Zara a month ago. It’s a maxi dress and I have worn the dress many times since then.”

How do you feel when you wear it?

“When I wear this dress I feel very happy and comfortable. I think it suits me since it is casual, and it can adapt to many different circunstances, just like me. ”

Why do people dress in different styles?

“People dress differently because everyone has a different taste. Some people like bright colours and some like dark colours. Some people like comfortable clothes and some people like more formal clothes.

There are people who choose the clothes which best represent their personality or their attitude towards life, whereas there are other people who just are fashion victims, buying new fashion trends compulsively.

Besides, some people are forced to wear formal clothes because of their jobs. When talking about business the clothes you are wearing are very valuable and wearing a suit and a jacket is much trustworthy.”

And remember …

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