Aptis Speaking Practice 1


Aptis Speaking Practice 1


Ahora podéis podéis probar a hacer el Aptis Speaking Practice 1.

Si todavía no tenéis muy claro cómo es el Aptis Speaking Test, aquí os dejo algunas explicaciones que pueden ser muy útiles. Os recomiendo echar un vistazo antes de intentar el Speaking Practice 1.

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Resumen detallado del Aptis Speaking Test, con algunas recomendaciones y consejos en cada tarea.

Algunos consejos para hacer una buena descripción de una fotografía, con frases útiles y algunos ejemplos.

Una lista de Conectores Textuales para organizar las ideas y conseguir mejor puntuación en el Speaking Test.

Recuerda que su uso adecuado es muy importante en las últimas tareas.

Important!!!: estas son posibles respuestas para daros posibles ideas y para que os fijéis sobre todo en la estructura de las respuestas.

Además, debéis tener en cuenta que cuando hablamos hacemos bastantes pausas, dudamos, repetimos el principio o partes de las oraciones que estamos diciendo, volvemos al principio si la frase que hemos empezado no es correcta o hay otra manera mejor de decir algo.

Todo esto es parte siempre del Speaking, cuando cualquier persona hace un monólogo o habla con otra persona, por lo que no hay que preocuparse mucho si os sucede, es normal que esto pase. Lo importante es que contestemos a las preguntas y demos la información correctamente.

Aptis Speaking Practice 1 Test

Aptis_Speaking Practice 1 Task 1 Aptis Online

Possible answers …

Please tell me about yourself.

My name is Francisco and I live in a small village near Seville, in the south of Spain. I’m twenty eight years old and I work as a teacher of History in a secondary education school.

I am tall and slim and I have short brown hair and brown eyes. My ears are quite big and my legs are very long.

I consider myself cheerful, polite and calm, but some people say that I am too cautious and bossy.

What do you like doing in your free time?

In my free time I like doing a lot of activities. If the weather is good, I like going for a walk around the park with my dog and play with it.

When it’s raining and cold I stay at home and I watch some series on the internet.

I also like cooking and If I have time, I love cooking new recipes and try new dishes. Besides, I like reading mystery novels and history books.

What’s the weather like today?

Today the weather is quite changing. This morning it was cloudy and very cold, with a slight drizzle.

However, this afternoon it is sunny and it is a good temperature.

I’m going to the park with my dog, but I will take an umbrella and a coat in case it rains.


Possible answers …

Describe the picture.

In this picture I can see a group of young people in the street. They are boys and girls and they are playing different music instruments such as a violin, a guitar or banjo, a flute and an accordion. They seem to belong to a music band because they are all wearing blue sweaters.

In the background there are a lot of people walking around and the street is crowded, so it can be the city centre in a big city.

On the left of the picture I can see a woman who is throwing a coin into a blue bag, so their performance must be good.

Do you play any music instrument?

Yes, I do. I play the saxophone since I was a child. When I was seven I started attending to a music academy, where I learnt to play saxophone.

My parents bought me a very expensive saxophone and I was playing several years in a music band in my town, but when I started university I gave it up.

I keep my saxophone and I like playing in my free time because it helps me to relax. Besides. I sometimes play some songs when I meet my friends. They love it!

Tell me about your favourite kind of music.

I love listening to many different kinds of music but I prefer listening to flamenco music. This is a traditional kind of music in the region where I live and I have been listening to flamenco since I was a little child.

My favourite singer is Camarón and I enjoy listening his rumbas, which are very popular. I like his hoarse voice and his lyrics.

I also listen to famous guitarists Paco de Lucía and Tomatito, especially when I’m driving my car.

Aptis Speaking Practice 1 Task_3_AptisOnline

Possible answers …

Tell me what you see in the 2 pictures.

In both pictures there are some people going shopping. The first picture shows a flea market in a street with lots of people walking around the items, such as clothes and shoes, to be sold. Items are lying on the ground or on cardboard boxes.

In the second picture there is just a middle-aged woman in front of some stands with colourful shirts hanged on it. She may be in a big shopping centre or department store. She is looking at one of thoses shirts and she is carrying a white pair of trousers, maybe to try them on.

The shopping centre is a quieter place to shop than the flea market, since there is less people and shopping centres are huge buildings to host many customers, much bigger than a flea market.

Which of these two places would you prefer going shopping?

Well, if I wanted to save money, I would go to a flea market, since items of clothing must be cheaper. If I want to buy more expensive brand-new or trendy clothes, I will go to a shopping centre.

When you go to a shopping centre it is easier to get a refund if you have any problem and the quality of clothes is higher.

If I were rich, I would prefer going to a shopping centre. However, I can only afford to buy in a flea market. Last week was the last time a shopped in a flea market.

What kind of people shops in these two places?

People who shop in shopping centre are more concerned about fashion and styles and they don’t worry about the money the must spend on it. Items of clothing in these places are chosen by fashion trends, followed by celebrities and people all over the world.

On the other hand, people who buy in flea markets only are concerned about the money they want to spend. They shop in these places in order to save some money. They can purchase cheaper clothes which they can afford.

Aptis Speaking Practice 1 Task 4 Aptis Online

Possible answers …

Tell me about the last time you attended a celebration.

I attended my cousin María’s wedding two months ago. It was a great celebration, with around five hundred guests, with a lavish meal and even a rock band which played all night.

The wedding ceremony was in the small church in our village, so it was crowded with people and some of the guests were not able to get into the building.

Then, we went by bus to a huge restaurant in Seville, where we had a delicious meal and I drank some red wine. I gave to the groom and the bride a beautiful watch and some money for the expenses.

Finally, we went to a big hall where I was drinking and dancing classic rock songs till dawn. I was sick for two or three days.

How did you feel?

At first I was embarrased when I got to the church and there were so many people I didn’t know. After a while, I found my parents and I stayed with them to the end of the ceremony. After that, I joined all my relatives who had attended the wedding. It was a bit awkward to greet and kiss all of them one by one.

During the meal I sat with my cousins, whom I had not seen for ages. I was delighted to be with them and we were talking about when we were kids.

The moment I enjoyed most was when all the members of my huge family were taken a picture and we laughted a lot.

In the end it was a great day and I’m looking forward to going to another celebration like that.

Why do people enjoy celebrations?

In my view, people enjoy celebrations since it is an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and relatives who live far away.

Also, in these kinds of celebrations people try to forget their problems and have fun, at least for a few hours, surrounded by friends and relatives in a joyfull and confident environment.

Moreover, It is chance to give and receive presents from people we love and care. Children are the ones who most enjoy celebrations since they get really excited when they are given some present.

Some more practice …

Recordad que podéis realizar el Aptis Speaking Test Practice de la página de Britsh Council, con el formato similar al del Examen Aptis.

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