Aptis Speaking Practice 2


Aptis Speaking Practice 2


Ahora podéis podéis probar a hacer el Aptis Speaking Practice 2.

Aptis Speaking Practice 2: Possible answers

Important!!!: las respuestas de este Aptis Speaking Practice 2 son posibles respuestas para daros posibles ideas y para que os fijéis sobre todo en su estructura. Podéis contestar cosas muy diferentes, mientras que contestéis la pregunta.

Además, debéis tener en cuenta que cuando hablamos hacemos bastantes pausas, dudamos, repetimos el principio o partes de las oraciones que estamos diciendo, volvemos al principio si la frase que hemos empezado no es correcta o hay otra manera mejor de decir algo.

Todo esto es parte siempre del Speaking, cuando cualquier persona hace un monólogo o habla con otra persona, por lo que no hay que preocuparse mucho si os sucede, es normal que esto pase. Lo importante es que contestemos a las preguntas y demos la información correctamente.

Además, en algunas preguntas se ofrecen 2 posibles respuestas, para que veáis claramente que se pueden responder cosas muy distintas. En algunas respuestas se usan estructuras y vocabulario un poco más avanzado (B2), para que haya de distintos niveles (para aquell@s que tengan un nivel más avanzado).

Aptis Speaking Part 1: Contestar 3 preguntas sencillas sobre información personal.

aptis speaking practice 2 Task1
Aptis Speaking Practice 2: Part 1 Aptis Online

Please tell me about your job.

Answer 1: Well, currently I’m uneployed. I finished a Degree in Nursing last year, and I’ve been looking for a job since then. I studied nursing because I love taking care of other people, specially those who need most. My work is not easy, and you have to be very well prepared to carry out its duties. Sometimes it can be very stressing and you must be used to facing really awkward situations.

Answer 2: I work as a shop assisstant in a big shopping centre. It’s a part-time job, and I only works 4 to 6 hours a day. Some days I work in the morning and other days in the afternoon. I help customers when they have some question and to decide on the different items. I am responsible for the sport department and I need to know about a lot of sports, their clothes, equipment and so on. I like my job, but I’d prefer to have a full-time job and earn a little more money.

What’s your favourite season?

Answer 1: My favourite season is spring, I love spring. It lasts from April to June, when the weather is warmer than in autumm and not so hot as in summer. The fields are green, the flowers are flourishing and the trees and plants are full with delicious fruits. Also, I like going out with my friends in the evenings and have a good time with them. At the weekends I am keen on hiking and I walk for some hours, enjoying nature, landscapes and fresh air. Yes, spring is the best season of the year.

What did you do las weekend?

Answer 1: Last weekend I stayed at home. I din’t do anything special. I just went shopping on Saturday morning and I didn’t go out. It was freezing outside, so I decided to set the fire in the chimney and watch some films and series on the internet. Besides, my brother came to visit me on Sunday and we made some vegetarian meals for lunch. They were yummy! It was a relaxing weekend.

Answer 2: Last weekend I travelled to Madrid and visited Martin, an old friend. I stayed at his home all the weekend. There, we were talking about the old times when we were studying at the university, our jobs and our family. Besides, I met some of his friends and on Saturday we all went out to a trendy disco, it was huge! When I came back home on Sunday night. I was exhausted, and I had to work the next day! Anyway, I’m looking forward to visiting Martin again.

Aptis Speaking Part 2: Describir una foto y contestar 2 preguntas relacionadas con su tema.

Aptis Speaking Practice 2 Task 2

Describe the picture.

In this picture I can see two young girls who are playing football outdoor. It may be a football field because the ground is full of grass. In the background there are some trees and two white columns that can be the entrance to the field.

In the middle of the picture there are these two girls, who are wearing different football suits, so they are players from different teams. In the picture they are trying to kick the ball at the same time.

The girl on the left is shorter and she is wearing a striped green and white suit, whereas the girl on the left, who is taller, is wearing a red and blue one. They both have long blonde hair and a ponytail.

Maybe they are playing a school championship or a female league where they live.

Do you play any sport?

Answer 1: I don’t play any sport, since I’m very busy and I have no time to do it. When I was at school I used to play basketball with my friends and we took part in the yearly championship in our region, which we won several times. We were an excellent team, but when we grew up we splitted up and we have never played together again. I love watching basketball matches on TV, that reminds me of my old times when I was a really good basketball player.

Answer 2: Yes, I am keen on playing tennis and paddle in my free time. There are several tennnis and paddle courts in my village and these two sports are becoming trendy. A lot of people go to the sport centre to play paddle, but they have to make a reservation to get an available court.

Although these two sports are very easy to play, you need to be fit and you need the necessary equipment: paddle and tennis rackets, tennis balls, which can be used in both sports, and a comfortable pair of trainers to prevent injuries.

Tell me about a popular sport in your country.

The most popular sport in my country is football. It is played by eleven players on each team and they play in different positions in the field: goalkeeper, defense, midfield, … . They must kick the ball and try to score on the rival’s goal. It lasts 90 minutes and the most popular football teams in Spain and all over the world are Real Madrid and Betis. Professional football players earn a lot of money and they are like celebrities.

Aptis Speaking Part 3: Comparar 2 imágenes y responder a 2 preguntas relacionadas con el tema de ambas fotos.

Aptis Speaking Practice2Task 3

Tell me what you see in the 2 pictures.

Both pictures depicts different people who are watching a film. In the above picture I can see a young couple, a man and a woman, who are sitting on a sofa on their living room. They are watching a film on a TV hung on the wall in front of them,. Perhaps they are a young married couple who are trying to take a break, watching a film at their home.

On the other hand, the other picture shows a boy and a girl. They have bought two huge packs of popcorn and the boy has a refreshment next to him They are younger and they are sitting on the first row in a cinema, so they must be watching a film. The boy on the right is covering his eyes with his left hand and looking down, so they may be watching a horror film and he is really frightened.

The first couple is much more relaxed, they seem to be laughing and enjoying the film, but the boy at the cinema is not having a good time.

Which of these two places would you prefer to watch a film?

Answer 1: Well, it depends… I prefer watching a good film at home, since I’ve got a 52 inches smart TV. I usually watch films on the internet, and I only pay 4 or 5 € to access a new released one. However, once a month I meet some friends and we go to the cinema to watch a blockbuster. Watching a motion picture at home is cheaper that going to the cinema and sometimes it is not worth paying 12 € to watch a boring or disappointing film.

Answer 2: I’d prefer to watch a film at the cinema. I live with my family, my parents and my sister, and there is only one TV in the living room. It’s almost impossible to watch a film that I like, and when I can do it, the house is too much noisy. Because of that, whenever I can I go to the cinema, I often meet some friends but sometimes I go alone.

I believe that watching a film at a cinema is much more exciting than watching at home. Moreover, audio is better, everyone is quiet and you can pay attention to every detail in the film.

What kind of people go to these two places?

In my view, people who want to relax and enjoy a good film would prefer to stay at home. I think they may be middle-aged couples who live on their own homes. These are more reluctant to go out very frequently. They might be exhausted after a long working day and prefer to spend some more time with their couple.

On the other hand, people who go to a cinema to watch a film tend to be younger people, teenagers who hang out with their girfriends or boyfriends. They prefer going out rather than spending their free time at home.

Aptis Speaking Part 4: Discurso de 2 minutos. Contestar 3 preguntas sobre un tema relacionado con la imagen.

Aptis Speaking Practice 2 Task 4

Tell me about the last time you went on holiday.

Last time I went on holiday was awesome! I travelled to Paris with my girlfriend on a week trip. There we stayed in a 4-star hotel, really luxurious with all the amenities: spa, thermal baths, splendid views to the Eiffel Tower and delicious typical French meals.

I loved the city, it was huge and magnificent. We had already planned an schedule, so we had time to visit the most outstanding places in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre musemm, the Sacre Croix, … We moved by underground, which is quite cheap and fast.

How did you feel?

From the first time I was really thrilled. I had never seen such a beatiful city. One day we visited Louvre Museum and there we saw some of the most significant works of arts in the world: Giocconda, Venus of Nile, and a number of famous artists from all times. While we were walking aroud the museum I felt as if I were living a dream. It was an unforgettable experience. Even weeks later, I couldn’t help thinking on that holiday.

Why do people need holiday

It is commonly agreed that holidays are a good chance for hardworkers and students to take a break from their hard and sometimes stressing occupations. During a short period of time they can forget about duties, too demanding bosses and long working hours. I reckon it can even help mental health.

Moreover, people choose to have some more time with their families, a perfect time to have fun together and reconnect; other people prefer going to the seaside, just soaking up some sun lying on the beach. Also, there are some people who prefer travelling abroad, going sightseeing and learning a new culture and language.

To sum up, holidays are essential in order to keep our health, since everyone needs time to enjoy oneself. People must take some time for themselves, out of the demanding and some times full of troubles jobs or careers.

And remember …

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