Aptis Speaking Practice 3


Aptis Speaking Practice 3


Aptis Speaking Test Overview


Ahora podéis practicar el Aptis Speaking Practice 3.

Aptis Speaking Practice 3: Possible answers

Important!!! Las respuestas de este Aptis Speaking Practice 3 son posibles respuestas para daros posibles ideas.

Debéis prestar atención a las expresiones que se usan y la estructura que se sigue en la respuesta (además del uso de conectores textuales).

Vuestras respuestas pueden ser totalmente diferentes, mientras contestéis lo que se os pregunta.

También, como expliqué en las otras partes prácticas del Aptis Speaking, debéis tener en cuenta que cuando hablamos hacemos bastantes pausas, dudamos, repetimos el principio o partes de las oraciones que estamos diciendo, volvemos al principio si la frase que hemos empezado no es correcta o hay otra manera mejor de decir algo.

Todo esto es parte siempre del Speaking, cuando cualquier persona hace un monólogo o habla con otra persona, por lo que no hay que preocuparse mucho si os sucede, es normal que esto pase. Lo importante es que contestemos a las preguntas y demos la información correctamente.

Además, en algunas preguntas se ofrecen 2 posibles respuestas, para que veáis claramente que se pueden responder cosas muy distintas. En algunas respuestas se usan estructuras y vocabulario un poco más avanzado (B2), para que haya de distintos niveles (para aquell@s que tengan un nivel más avanzado).

Aptis Speaking Part 1: Contestar 3 preguntas sencillas sobre información personal.


Describe a member of your family.

Answer 1

Well, I’m going to describe my sister. Her name is Marta and she is 23 years old. She is slim and quite tall, I think she’s beautiful. She also has long curly hair and her eyes are big and brown. She works as a shop assistant in a bookshop and she is very talkative and polite.

Answer 2

I’ll describe my mother. She is 57 years old and she is a housewife. She is tall and plump. She’s got long, blonde and straight hair, but she usually has a long ponytail. She’s got beautiful eyes, light green, and she is pretty. She works very hard everyday doing the household chores and I’m very grateful to her, since without her, my life would be a mess.

What’s your favourite music?

Answer 1:

My favourite music is hip hop. I started listening this music because my older brother used to listen it when I was a child and I usually listen to hip hop singers such as Nach, Kase.O or Tote King. But sometimes I listen to reggae music, specially Bob Marley. I love his songs.

Answer 2

I listen to just about anything, and it depends on my mood at the time. However, if I had to choose a genre it would be rock since my favorite band is Pink Floyd. However my favorite solo artist is Jimi Hendrix.

Please tell me why you are learning English.

Answer 1

I need to pass an official certificate in English, at least level B1, to get my university degree. Also, nowadays, knowledge of English is essential to be able to apply for a job. Besides, I’m thinking on travelling abroad next summer, so I want to improve my speaking skills in English.

Answer 2

Well, in the near future I would like to find a job abroad, I want to apply for a position in an English-speaking country, although I am doubtful due to Brexit since Britain was my first option. Anyway, I would like to improve my communication skills in English before taking any decision concerning my future.

Aptis Speaking Part 2: Describir una foto y contestar 2 preguntas relacionadas con su tema.


Describe the picture.

In this picture I can see a young man who is standing in the middle of a big square. He is staring at a huge old building in front of him. I believe this building is a Cathedral, maybe in Santiago de Compostela. The man is wearing trainers, red shorts, a green t-shirt and a cap, so it must be summer. Next to him, on the ground, there is a big, blue backpack. It seems that he has just finished hiking the Spanish Camino de Santiago.

Do you like to visit old buildings?

Yes. I like going on holiday or trips to historic or interesting cultural places. I enjoy visiting old buildings, specially churches, castles or any buildings of historical relevance. When I visit a new place, in the city or the countryside, I always pay attention to old buildings and I stop and read every sign and plaque that I find. Besides, some of them are magnificent and really beautiful.

Why are old buildings important?

Old buildings are important, for a number of reasons. They were very relevant at their time, and they are part of the history. There are also economic reasons to preserve and promote old buildings, since an impressive historic place encourages national and international tourists to travel to this area, and this, in terms of tourism and economic development, is very important.

Apart from that, having an old building is an area is a matter of pride and people of such area can easily describe their hometown to the people from other parts of the country.

Aptis Speaking Part 3: Comparar 2 imágenes y responder a 2 preguntas relacionadas con el tema de ambas fotos.


Compare the pictures.

Both pictures depict two different groups of people involved in different
communicative situations, The first picture shows three young women who are sitting on a sofa indoor, they are chatting friendly.

On the other hand, the second picture depicts three young people, a man in the middle and two girls, one on each side. The girl on the right and the man are talking on their mobile phones, and the girl on the left is using a tablet. They may be at their workplace, since they are wearing suits.

In the first picture the girls are in a much more relaxing and confortable situation and their clothes are casual. They may be chatting about personal matters while in the second picture they must be talking to a customer, a boss or an employee on work-related issues.

What kind of comunication do you like most?

I prefer face-to-face communication. In a real conversation I can see other people’s gestures, facial expressions and even the way that they behave. All this gives me a lot of information which mobile communication lacks.

Moreover, I believe that this type of communication is more reliable when you need to purchase any product or service.

However, I am aware of the advantages of mobile communication, as with it we can talk to anyone from any place at any time, and is not costly. There are many people who are living far from their relatives or friends and the smartphones are a good manner to keep in touch.

Do you think new technologies can improve people’s relationships?

From my view, it is not clear whether new technologies can improve people’s reationships. There is no question that technology has had a positive impact on communication as a whole in many ways. It has
increased the reliability of sending messages to others, made it easier to meet new people and keep in touch with friends and also it has saved lives.

Communication has become faster, easier, and more efficient due to advances in technology. Smartphones, social networking websites, e-mail, and instant messaging are examples of technology which enable communication.

However, a large number of people have decided to interact only by technological means, which have caused a lack of social, authentic face-to face-communication. Many people do not meet friend or chat with them
outside their technological devices, which I consider to be, in some way, as a fake reality.

Aptis Speaking Part 4: Discurso de 2 minutos. Contestar 3 preguntas sobre un tema relacionado con la imagen.


Do you think people care about the environment?

Well, I believe that in recent times there has been an increase in the interest and concern of a number of people who did not pay too much attention on those matters.

Many people have become aware that what we do as large population is affecting the Earth’s different environments more and more drastically. Social movements are becoming the milestone of the fight against the companies which cause most of the damages and the governments who permit them to do so.

Nevertheless, the number of people who do not show any interest on environmental issues is still too high.

How do you feel about it?

I feel, on the one hand, confident to know that a lot of people, young people are moving and demonstrating their concern about the issue. It makes me feel hopeful for our future.

However, a number of people who do not want to change their habits into more sustainable ones are causing a direct and overt harm in our daily life. The problem of traffic fumes, the pollution in cities, the plastic recipients and bags or climate change are present- day dangers caused by our living habits.

On the other hand, I feel really outrageous for the attitude of large companies and the governments of those highly industrailized nations, which are responsible for the largest part of pollution on Earth and are causing irreparable damages to our planet.

How would you encourage people to be more concerned about the environment?

Rising awarenes on the problems which are affecting our planet is a good way to increase this concern on environment. Thus, people should be aware that we are risking the future of our planet, our health and our children’s.

It would be a good idea to show them the consequences of using plastic bags, the deaths caused by exhaust fumes in cities or the terrifying results of climate change in a few years.

All these problems are directly caused by our way of living, so people should be promoted to change their habits, to reduce, recycle and to some extent to create a sustainable society.

To achieve this, they should be encouraged to reduce their wastes, to use public transports in cities, not to use plastic bags, and so on.

And remember …

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